Wednesday, July 25, 2018

twists and turns

The long summer days are wonderful, the heat with it, not so much.  And the heat wave shows no signs of letting up just yet.

Yesterday the breeze across the patio allowed for outdoor time (compared to staying in with the ac).

As much as I like new, I'm a believer in using what I have (or finding something to make it work).  I've accumulated  a few completed spindle balls of wool that I wanted to ply and then wind off to 'look like a skein'.    A nitty noddy .....read the diy's of how to make same (and it's too hot to run to Home Depot) so here's my home version (dowel, cut to length and filed to fit, along with Tinker Toy wooden fittings and rods)  and it works!  The ball holders are also Tinker Toy pieces.

The cutting board slot helped to hold the singles as I tried to ply on to the spindle.

Really needed more hands for this part.  More practice needed.

And it looked like this wound on......

    and finally, my first skein ever!

the spindle is calling ..................

stay cool ......


gracie said...

You are rally getting the hang of this...good for you. It really is not an easy craft to learn. You are so creative with the tinker toys....hope he boys do not miss them...lol.

Michelle said...

Your first yarn is splendiforous!