Sunday, July 8, 2018

catching up

Canada Day has come and gone.   It was cool and wet, not much of a feeling of summer and definitely no patio time.

Yesterday grandson # 1 turned 10.  Just where did the time go??  The party was held in their back yard...lots of kids, lots of food and no rain (well mostly).

Today, our weekly family  lunch here.....hey didn't we see you yesterday?? 

The Tour de France started yesterday.  As the coverage comes on at 2 am we taped it to watch later in the evening.  And so began the Tour de Fleece.  I signed up with two groups.  My experience with my drop spindle...well I'm definitely a newbie.  So no great expectations, just try and find my spinning groove.....

Here's progress to date:

Day zero, getting started with my Jenkins spindle.  The egg cup is working as a spinning base.

 Day 1 Trial and error.  The drafting still presents challenges.  So much to learn......

This is my accumulated stash.  I don't think there will be any concern of running out at my snail's pace.   It's all about finding my way with the wool.

Somewhere along the way while the Tour is on I will try my wheel as well. While on our road trip yesterday I'd planned to pick up an Ashford maintenance kit.  Turns out that my route was altered due to a local festival in Abbotsford and I couldn't get near the shop.  Another time.

I plan to try my day 2 spinning a bit later this evening.  I've started a journal to track the ups and downs of the wool twists.  Photos will be a record.  Maybe one day I can look back and appreciate all of this. 

And I realize that my Swan Turkish spindle needs a friend.  Fingers crossed that a Jenkins will come available to buy.

meanwhile wishing everyone a good week!

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Michelle said...

Are you breaking down the steps while you get the hang of it? Build twist, park, use twist, wrap? It really helps, I've found. What's your Ravelry name so I can look for you on the Jenkins team?