Thursday, January 22, 2015

a week later

And life carries on.

In between some very grey days there has been sunshine and beautiful skies.  Overnight temperatures still stay in the single digits, heck sometimes the daytime temperatures are not much higher.

It's one way or the other....either beautiful sunrises like this.

Or dark southern skies like this.

A recent stitching finish, front and back of a small pillow.

And a stitched exchange gift received from Angela in Italy.  Beautiful stitching!

I'm not sure when the postage stamps left the parcel but thank goodness the parcel was delivered.

This is the mango seed.  It took up most of the width of the small pot.  The seedling below took about two weeks to sprout.

The hummers still visit daily.  Of recent, it's more so morning/afternoon visits.  So picture taking opportunities are slim.


My Valentine's stitched mailart is completed and is enroute the recipient.   As soon as I know it's been received I'll post pictures.

Making bread has fallen off the radar during the past week or so.  This afternoon I have a 2 loaf recipe of Amish white bread underway.  It's a hand mix recipe.  The results have been very good.

And I leave you with this, a taste of spring to come.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching my dear
Lovy pictures xx

Claudette497 said...

I love the rabbit!

audrey said...

Your stitching and photos are beautiful, Debbie. I cross stitch when I can find the time. I find it very relaxing and have many projects I would like to complete someday. How fun that you exchange stitchings with others.

KimM said...

Lovely stitching. And beautiful stitches.

rosey175 said...

How nice to have a mango started! They are truly delicious fresh but my goodness, so much mess unless you have people who want mangoes haha. :D Lovely stitching, both yours and your exchange partners!