Sunday, March 3, 2013

blue skies and sunshine, part 2

While trying to add text to the previous post I kept encountering a problem so published wordless.

The photo on the left is the container of mini iris.  A very pleasant surprize I found in the mini greenhouse. On the right, my first attempt in Photoshop to create a watercolor card. I'm very far from an artist.  Definitely can't draw or paint but have found a comfort zone creating on clay and now trying Photoshop.  There is so much to learn!  

After again another very soggy and grey week, this morning woke up to clear skies, frost on the rooflines and now sunshine!   The promise is fleeting, maybe till Tuesday and then back to rain.  Winter on the West Coast for sure.

Daylight savings time takes place next weekend.....yeah.  Longer days are great.  So much better for stitching, knitting and some time outdoors.

We're off for a drive today, heading due east for a visit to our daughter and son in law and grandsons. 

Have a wonderful day and week ahead.



Julia said...

Hi Debbie
sorry you're email got hacked . I used to allow anonymous and I took that button off.

I love your blue irises. I'm not much of a techy person and will try to find some new things to do when I'm less busy.

I'm waiting for spring too, Had enough of winter.
Have a good weekend and thanks for your comment. The ne baby is eating well and is such a joy.


cucki said...

sorry you're email got hacked :( not nice..
i love the blue irises so much..
love for you x

wilma boer said...

Love the irises...mine have just peeked the top of the green out of the ground yesterday ;)

Carola Bartz said...

Just beautiful irises. The watercolor card turned out beautifully I think.

Jade S said...

That's a gorgeous blue!!

Because of your hacking experience, I think I should change my comment settings! Hope things are much better now!