Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend update

As promised, a photo of my completed sweater.    It's comfy and warm on these damp days.   I'm ready to knit something with spring in mind.

Here's my progress on the LK Aging....I'm so ready to start the color blocks but really want to finish all the brown lettering.   So I contine, in brown.......but I finally broke down and changed to a new needle......should have done this alot sooner!
Some time back we put up wide slat blinds (standard stock cut to size) in our home. As is the case this meant that some of the blinds are much longer than needed.  The extra slats were removed and just sat in the utility room until this thought passed by.......................................   
It's a portable panel that fills a gap at the end of the patio and hedge.   It's intended to keep a certain little dog in his yard.  lol.  Or maybe keep the skunk out!

It's only Monday and there's lots to do.  Have a good week!


maxunderdrive said...

Well knit!

Julia said...

Hi Debbie, your sweater is lovely and looks nice and cosy warm. It's a great feeling to finish something that you can wear. I used to knit sweaters for the kids years ago.

I look forward to see the progress on your cross stitch.

I hope the weaved slats will do the trick to keep the dog in and the skunks out.
Take care and thanks for visiting.


Faith... said...

Love your sweater! My daughter is a knitter too :)

Your ABCs is looking great - you are farther along than I am! Can't wait to see your finish.