Friday, June 7, 2013

June....making plans

My "to do" list seems to be getting out of hand.  And that's only the "want to do" and not that other "to do" list!  So here goes, my top five  on each list:

1.   Finish the knitted shawl in progress.                
2.   Find some order for my floss storage.             
3.   Finish the patio garden.                                    
4.   Read a book.                                                     
5.   Take more pictures.  

1. Catch up on the ironing.
2. Paint the kitchen.    
3. Sort the recipes..too many "let's try.....
4. Spring clean, I have a couple of weeks yet!                                 
5.    Recycle

So that's a start.  Let's see how many can be crossed off by the end of June.

till next time...


Everyday Things said...

your plans sound great and so do-able! have a happy June!

Julia said...

Debbie, if it's a consolation to you, my To Do List is much longer than yours. I break it down in details so I can cross a lot of the chores off every day. It makes it look like I'm accomplishing more. lol... I need every insentive I can give myself....
I have two long list. One list is a long range planning and is for later when the occasion arise and the other list is more immidiate and a priority.

Your list looks very reasonable and you should be able to get it done by the end of June.
Enlist some help to paint the kitchen. Although I doo all the painting myself here.

Take care,

Julia said...

Please forgive the spelling errors. I should edit but too much in a rush I guess. I have to cross blogging off the list, he,he.

Meari said...

Good luck with your lists!

Follow your bliss :)