Wednesday, July 3, 2013

nothing but blue skies ...........

Our weather forecast continues sunny and warm for at least another week!  Temperatures in the mid to high 20s and cooler at night, perfect and not the heat wave that we've being having the past few days. 

I'm still trying to sort out things with the move to Bloglovin.  I can see/read other blogs but still can't post a comment.  And that 'posting a comment' part, I know I'm way behind and am trying hard to catch up.

It's just after 5 am  and quite light outside  The coolness of the morning, birds singing and stillness is wonderful.  I left out quiet because the AC is still going indoors.   It is a balance.   A nice time for coffee and toast.  A nice time to collect thoughts, mull over ideas and make some plans.

Yet another work day for me.  Hopefully by next week I can move to a shorter work week for the rest of the summer.  The time off will be nice.  The time spent with  family, priceless.  My parents are getting older and they have both been having health issues.   Giving them their space but being around to do more for them, it is something to be worked out.  And that's fine with me.

DH and I haven't made any travel plans thus far and it might end up being put off till next year.  That's ok too.  Day trips are fun and a change of place.  There is nothing better then heading to the beach. 

That's all for Wednesday.


Julia said...

We are having showers just about every dy but it started out overcast and cool and now the sun is peeking out.

Sometimes whenI can't post a comment, I turn out my Safari browser and and turn it back on get on blogger and try again and it usually works.

Have a great day.

cucki said...

Sending you big hugs..
Have a lovely day x