Friday, May 10, 2013

May days......

We're heading towards mid May, already, just where has the time gone!   And it's Mother's Day on Sunday.  Wishing all Mom's a wonderful day!

One stitchy project is completed and enroute to it's new home.  Today was the first time in quite a while that I had a chance to do some knitting. It is nice to be back on track, well alright just a little bit back on track.

Our younger grandson recently celebrated birthday number 3.  It was fun watching both boys enjoy some cake.

We're surrounded by many types of flowering trees in our complex.  Here's a sampling of what we have been enjoying the past few weeks.



 I'm always delighted to see blooms on this white lilac.  It was barely a cutting that rooted and has grown.  It's a remembrance of Ron and Mayann, their friendship and their garden.

The honeysuckle is a new purchase. 
and that's all for now.......till next time...


Julia said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson. Birthdays are always filled with good things and laughter.

Oh You are so lucky to be surrounded with all those beautiful flowering trees. I bet that the fragrance fills the whole neighbourhood. My little red crabapple tree is all budded but no blooms yet.

Take care and have a fun filled weekend.

Patty said...

Wow, the foliage is absolutely beautiful, Debbie.