Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a good weekend, not quite how we had planned things but nice all the same.   Beautiful sunny days and very cool nights.

For our grandsons, 'the bugs in the house go round and round'....actually it could have been any source, school, daycare, anywhere.... the end result the same,  Thanksgiving meal with daughter, son in law and grandsons postponed.   We did have turkey and trimmings and enjoyed the company of my parents.  They too are dealing with health issues so their visit/dinner time was cut quite short.  So many changes for them, I wish it was different.

DH  had two days off ...in a row...really nice except he works an afternoon/evening shift today.  And then there were two, Quincy and me.   And this week Quincy has had his share of health issues, as of last Monday it was determined he is diabetic.  As of Wednesday, we have a new routine with twice a day insulin shots for the little guy.   Fingers crossed that things continue to go well.

My blogging has been quiet for some time.  And  although I finally realize that the big stuff I can't change as I would hope to,  I can  do something about the small stuff.   It's never giving up, believing and sometimes finding that silver lining.......

I do apologize to my followers.  I really enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate your comments on mine.  I will work on leaving more comments on yours.

And truly, I do give thanks, for DH, family and friends, living a good life,  enjoying creative endeavours and sharing with you on my blog.



cucki said...

Happy thanksgiving x

Julia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Debbie. I hope that everyone feels better soon.
Happy middle of October.