Friday, June 21, 2013

summer solstice

The longest day  and looking out my window this morning it continues very grey but at least the rain has stopped.   The drive home yesterday looked and felt like fall.  Tall trees were shrouded in very low dense mist, almost fog really and the rain pounded down.

For the first day of summer it feels cool enough indoors to put the fireplace on.......

I have  made some progress on a knitting project, no photos yet.  A small stitching project is underway as well.   Patio planting/changes are coming along slowly.   All we need is the 'warm evening' to enjoy sitting outside.

Now it's time to make some coffee and warm up. 

Here's to summer!



Julia said...

Wow, Debbie, I had forgotten that today was the first day of summer. I've been just too busy to notice.

It's still plenty cool in the morning here too. I'm sure that it will warm up. I like it when it doesn't get too hot and humid.

Have a great summer weekend.

wilma b said...

Cool and wet here, too...feels more like fall than summer for sure. DH keeps looking at the thermostat, wondering if I'd notice if he turns the furnace on, LOL

cucki said...

Enjoy the summer weekend x

Meari said...

Wow, and here I am with the A/C on full blast, lol.