Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Whew, it's just after 5am and already warm .....this heat wave has hit....welcome to July! 

Thus far this weekend we've been busy with family activities.  Saturday afternoon it was a trip to the Aquarium at Stanley Park.   We shared the afternoon with our grandsons and their parents.  Enroute home we stopped for dinner.  It was a very nice day out.   Yesterday Vanessa, Kevin and the boys came for lunch.   We had a small inflatable pool set up for the boys.  There is something about playing in water.....and the pool did require refills, many times ...  pictures to follow.

Plans for today, keep cool and enjoy Canada Day.  Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


wilma b said...

Happy Canada Day to you, too. I'm up way too early...but as you say, it's warm...going to be a scorcher today!

Julia said...

Happy Canada Day.

I should be out weeding before it gets to hot and humid but I have to prepare a meal for the men. No holiday on the farm I'm afraid.