Saturday, May 25, 2013

a day in her life

My daughter wrote on her facebook page today  .....
Autism sucks. Let me capitalize that - it SUCKS....my oldest is almost 5 and can't answer when asked his name. My 3 year old gets mad and tries to bang his head. 2 beautiful, fun-loving boys, who have autism - we support, encourage, and just adore our them, but I still feel helpless. So on June 23rd I'm aiming for the slowest time ever* in the Scotiabank 5k/Autism Speaks fundraiser (support me if you can, but please cheer me on!). Because when I feel really helpless, I picture a reality where the autism puzzle is solved - and I want to be part of that.

*Note: I do not run....ever (except after my little boys).

(dble click on the above to bring up go to link to see Vanessa's fundraising)

I'm so proud of her, Vanessa is a great mom. We will be there on June 23rd.

Do you support someone with autism?  What works? 


Julia said...

Hi Debbie, I will cheer you on as you try your best to be part of the fundraising for Autism.

As a grandmother I understand all to well the heartbreaks that this disorder causes for families and the kids who are afflicted.

My daughter has two wonderful kids who are affected at different degree of Asperger syndrome which is a branch of autism. They are both brilliant but lack in social skills.


Mom E. said...

My heart goes out to you and your daughter's family.
I know several people with children with Asbergers Syndrome and I have some nephews with autistic issues. A Gluten Free diet has helped some. Medication has helped others, and HIPPO therapy has also helped some. There is a gal that lives near me that does HIPPO therapy with kids on her horses and it has really helped some kids in our school district. If you haven't heard of that, look into it. Junior High and High School aged kids volunteer to help her and my daughter was able to help. She saw kids change over the course of the therapy and their ability to connect with people improved immensely. With one nephew, occupational therapy was helpful for him along with a gluten free diet and recognizing he had other food allergies, and eliminating those things has helped. I remember the first time he actually stopped and looked at my face and smiled at me without just glancing past. . . I just cried. To see and know that connection is made was so wonderful! I hope Vanessa can find some help in her area. They are truly highly intelligent kids, but for whatever the reason, they get overloaded with stimulus and it overwhelms them. I sure wish we could find out what is happening here with this. So many more kids seem to have these problems and no one can get a handle on the REAL whys and what is different....
Good luck and hearts to you all,