Sunday, June 23, 2013

race day out

The sunshine was streaming in so nice this morning, very early in fact, perfect!  We had an quick breakfast, got ready and were out the door by 7:20 am.   The decision to ride Skytrain rather than drive to Vancouver proved to be a good choice.  Lots going on in the city, roadways closed for construction, a movie shoot taking place, and dragon boat racing, cruise boats in, the half marathon and 5K races taking place.   It's been ages since I've been downtown.

We headed for the area of Lost Lagoon at the entrance to Stanley Park.  The 5K runners/walkers were to come down the street and head around back by the lagoon enroute the 5k course.

While waiting for the race to start we had a chance to enjoy the view on the lagoon and park.

The opposite view faces towards downtown.  This is part of the West End, lots of highrises, lots of runners, bikers, boarders.......and here come the5ker's


and there they go............

and trying to find  "the" one face,  "the one" person in the crowd .....priceless .....DH spotted our daughter (bottom left with puzzle piece on her tshirt back) and before he could get the shot, she was moving on .......these walkers were keeping the pace!

Even this low runner was have a blast!

And these two.......very busy too!

water down and water up

and that's our day out.  It's been a good one.


Julia said...

That was a nice outing full of movement and activity, and the same thing will go on next year also I'm willing to bet.
Love the water fountain on the lake.

Have a great week.

cucki said...

So much fun (:

Elizabethd said...

Lovely to see photos of Stanley Park. With a daughter living in Northern B.C we have visited over the years, and loved our walks in the park.