Saturday, January 12, 2019

Welcome January 2019

For what has felt very much longer, I think it's safe to declare that the colds/coughs have left the building.  It's taken till this week to actually feel human again....and accomplish things on the home front.   Christmas bins are now stowed away.

Brilliant blue skies and sunshine outside, enough so to have the slider door open with just the screen across.  The streak of good weather should last till next week.   So nice to air out the house.   Yes it gets a bit cool.

Hand spinning is about all I've mustered in the past few weeks.

And my first turtle of Blake's roving.  It's a delight to spin!

Yesterday's Abbotsford News featured an article on Challenger Baseball including a photo of Noah.  Meanwhile Nate went with his class outing to the top of Grouse Mountain.  Apparently riding the skyride to the top was pretty cool.


Compliments of the baker, the taster and the instructor....... Nate was very precise in the cake decorating instructions.  Noah does quality control so that leaves Mom, the baker.

And a question for anyone using a spindle..... How do you deal with the rounding  ie spindle is 22.99 gr and the scale reads 23 gr...is it practical to always round down or?

till next time.....

Saturday, December 29, 2018

unwrapping Christmas

Our Christmas Day was lovely.  Five of the eight in our group were feeling less than 100%.  It's been that kind of winter for colds/coughs, they just linger......and linger.....

This year instead of gift bags we tried the snowmen.   The hardest part was finding boxes in the right size.  The arts and crafts department deferred to online free clip art for the decorating.  To make it easy for kids (parents really) the back of each box part had a name tag.  Also carry bags were available to stow their gifts as each part was opened.

My plan to make from scratch a gingerbread house went to plan B (again).  Kuddos for a kit that provided a decent amount of icing to glue together the house.

We tried a new location for our Christmas tree.  It worked out quite well.  The lights reflected off the glass and around the room.

Now there was one critter that really, really wanted the hats......

sooo much better once Sully had his own presents to open!

This time of year when the weather isn't always so bright, any (all) sunsets/sunrises are truly appreciated.

It snowed yesterday, not for long mind you.  It looked lovely and then thankfully it was done.
The hummers stayed close in the bottom of the lilac tree.  This one looked festive ( and probably a bit cold).

And the reasons for the season and every  other day of the year too.  

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!    Any goals, resolutions for 2019??

till next time ......

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

with warm wishes


Enjoy the holidays.  Spend time with family and tell them you love them.

2019 is just around the corner...........any plans???...any predictions???

till next time......

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

catching up the days

In between raindrops and wind gusts last week we took a drive to South Surrey to deliver a Christmas remembrance for my parents.  December marks Mom's birthday, Christmas of course and their anniversary.  The Christmas greens basket is simple (we've been warned by staff that anything too nice disappears). 

The cemetery is expanding so we couldn't park anywhere close due to equipment and vehicles in the way.  As it was DH had trouble getting through the walkway to deliver the basket.   I waited in the car taking in the vista of old trees and watched an eagle swoop down and around before flying back to a grove of tall trees.

Sunday lunches with Vanessa and our grandsons are always fun.  This past Sunday Vanessa pulled out a project bag and proceeded to crochet.  It warmed my heart to see that she has kept up with some sort of hand work, something passed along from one generation to another.  My Mom didn't get much opportunity for handwork.  She did some embroidery as did my grandmother.   Simple traditions.
An added bonus was the bag was one I'd made for her, so nice to see it being used and likewise a knitted purse also in use.    In that moment as tempted as I was to reach for my camera, I didn't.  Instead I just sat and watched.  Simple pleasures to warm the heart, mine at least.

The view to the south often looks like this.  The tree branches serve as a watchtower for the hummers.

Earlier this morning to the south east this view and then it was gone as we're now back to rain and wind.

On rainy days   it's easy to spot a hummer perched in the trunk of the lilac tree.

This morning's finish, Santa's Helper by Mosey n me.   There is something about sheep.

till next time....

Sunday, December 9, 2018

counting down the days

Here I sit, it's December...already.....since my last blog post in early November, has it been that long???    What have I been doing???

Hand spun wool knitted up now  a cowl and fingerless mitts.  The pattern is a one skein infinity cowl.   As I worked with two colors I omitted the twist at the seam and tried to make an overlap with the colors.

Hand spinning on my Jenkins spindles...pure bliss.  And not to forget cross stitching...

The outdoor lights are up across the patio.   In the evening (actually early afternoon ) when the lights come on, it looks like this.

The hummer is more concerned of the nearby chickadee than the string of lights sharing space close to the feeder.

Our tree is up awaiting the decorations, maybe later today.  Cards have been mailed.  Outgoing mail seems to be working  but incoming...ever so slow.   I thought I did ok ordering online early  lol  a few items are in the system somewhere.    Eventually parcels will arrive. 

Cold weather is perfect for making soups, stews and trying new recipes...

Sweet Potato and Feta Pide.  A bit of time spent waiting on the dough to rise.   I did change up the ingredients a bit other than the sweet potato as I had items in the fridge to use up.  The recipe is a keeper.

As busy as December is, take a moment to give thanks....for the gifts that you don't find under the tree......

to family and friends near and far,
for a roof over your head and food on the table, 
and for special memories of those no longer with us.

till next time