Friday, June 21, 2019

Welcome Summer!

Simple pleasures in the garden....Spurt II works well, beans and tomatoes are doing well and
the canna lilies have come up.

It seems that every day we have 'seasons'...sunshine and a hint of warmth then clouds and wind.  For late June 11 C in the morning...brrr.  Pour another cup of coffee please.

Sometimes a plan comes together.   I wanted a small plyboard for the turtle singles (what you get when spinning with a Jenkins spindle).   After looking at many diy ideas online I came up with this.  In the process I discovered that when buying a length of wood check the actual measurement!!  There is a difference between advertised  and actual . 

The green board lives with me and the brown one was gifted to a friend.

My May June challenge on the Ravelry Jenkins group is complete.  The 4 oz braid of Balsam is done.
Next up a spa day (final wash/dry for skeins of yarn).  Today might be the day!

Next up on Ravelry will be the Tour de Fleece.  July means lots of spinning (with new roving to try) while enjoying the Tour de France.

now it's back to the garden to pick fresh herbs....

till next time.....


gracie said...

All looks well in your garden. I love your spinning! Each looks so perfect.

Michelle said...

I KNOW you could sell these; my Jenny Plyer wasn't cheap – and I got it on clearance! Yours works better, too; the post and hooks function better, and the grippy "feet" keep it in place. (I haven't figured out how to use the little peg yet....)

I love this variable weather! Cold nights help me sleep better, and I love the variety and changeable shade that clouds provide.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Love all your spinning. Have a great Sunday. hugs