Thursday, June 13, 2019

a minor reprieve

Yesterday was too hot, 30 C and it lasted well in to the evening.

At 9 am it was 26 in the family room so with reluctance we brought out the ac units.  One minor detail...we forgot where the drainage hoses were put...  eventually they were located, set up and water puddles cleaned up due to the error of our ways.   With the ac's up and running it made a big difference inside  One day's use won't add too much to the hydro bill (here's hoping).

And this morning, a lovely light breeze and cooler.  21 at the moment.  This is how it should be.

Time to water the tubs on the patio.

till next time....


gracie said...

Oh no... puddles and it was not Dear Sully's fault!

Michelle said...

When I turned on the heat pump to keep the house from getting above 79F, I was amazed at how it improved my mood! Well worth the price of electricity, IMHO. (The dogs were a lot happier, too.)

kath001 said...

21 sounds like heaven! We are routinely at 30 or higher but just happy it's not 38 yet (which it will be before we know it).