Sunday, February 3, 2019

so, has winter arrived???

Winter so far in southern BC has been a non event, just the grey days, rain and cool temperatures........well that is until today..the Arctic front has moved down  the province and now snow!  None of this 'better late than never stuff'.

The Groundhog Day forecasters seemed to come up with a split decision of more winter or Spring to come.

In one planter, last year's primula with new blooms.  They're a bit ragged as something has been munching. 

A recent purchase outside the slider door.  Definitely a welcome addition of color.

Yesterday there was sunshine, some rain  and then  sighting of a beautiful rainbow.  Of course I didn't have a camera handy.   Next was a unicorn balloon along with brightly colored round balloons.  It too would have made a good photo.   And then the eagles overhead gliding the currents.   All three sightings were meant to be enjoyed in the moment (all this within two blocks of home). 

Much of my time (last month too) has been devoted to hand spinning on my Jenkins turkish spindles.  The Ravelry group has a year long challenge.   I'm pleased with my progress to date.   And yet still so much to learn.

Daily spinning is helping with arthritis is my hands.  My right hand ring finger had stiffened  during work years (too much time with hand wrapped on a mouse).  Now I'm finding that it almost catches up with other fingers  in a closed fist.   It sure makes hand writing easier.

Let the countdown till spring begin.....March 20th  and just before that March 10th, the time change to Daylight savings time....


gracie said...

Love your yarn spun on the spindles.....you have done a fantastic job learning. Sometimes the camera is not in reach but we can enjoy the moment.

Retired Knitter said...

Hello, I am a new reader popping over from Michelle's blog. I see you do spindle spinning just like Michelle. I have several spindles and I am always inspired by seeing other's work .... but to date my own spinning is still in its "pre-birth" stage. Haha. I also have the fiber. But I am mostly a knitter and crocheter - a wanna-be tapestry weaver and on really rare occasions - a spindle spinner. Anyway, 2019 is a brand new year filled with opportunity to re-visit those things. I will be back.