Saturday, December 29, 2018

unwrapping Christmas

Our Christmas Day was lovely.  Five of the eight in our group were feeling less than 100%.  It's been that kind of winter for colds/coughs, they just linger......and linger.....

This year instead of gift bags we tried the snowmen.   The hardest part was finding boxes in the right size.  The arts and crafts department deferred to online free clip art for the decorating.  To make it easy for kids (parents really) the back of each box part had a name tag.  Also carry bags were available to stow their gifts as each part was opened.

My plan to make from scratch a gingerbread house went to plan B (again).  Kuddos for a kit that provided a decent amount of icing to glue together the house.

We tried a new location for our Christmas tree.  It worked out quite well.  The lights reflected off the glass and around the room.

Now there was one critter that really, really wanted the hats......

sooo much better once Sully had his own presents to open!

This time of year when the weather isn't always so bright, any (all) sunsets/sunrises are truly appreciated.

It snowed yesterday, not for long mind you.  It looked lovely and then thankfully it was done.
The hummers stayed close in the bottom of the lilac tree.  This one looked festive ( and probably a bit cold).

And the reasons for the season and every  other day of the year too.  

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!    Any goals, resolutions for 2019??

till next time ......


kath001 said...

Your gifts and tree look wonderful! Obviously Sully thought so too! :)

I'm working on year-end wrap up posts right now and planning goals for 2019.

gracie said...

Everything looks wonderful. The boxes look great and the boys, well they have a wonderful smile as does Dear Sully. Hope all will soon feel better if not 100% by the New Year.

Michelle said...

Cute wrapping; never seen anything like that!!! Nope on the resolutions.

Catsngrams said...

I am a new follower and I love the snowman idea. New Years resolution for me is spend less and get our and walk more.

September Violets said...

Happy New Year Debbie! Cute idea for wrapping the presents in snowmen ;) The grandkids look like a couple of nice kids. No resolutions for me, but I do want to get into the woodburning A LOT more! Take care,
Wendy xox