Saturday, August 11, 2018

oh happy day.....

Today we have a weather reprieve...cool air  16 C and actual clouds in the sky!!  And indoors, not a fan or ac to be heard.  The  quiet is pure bliss.

We've had too many days of this.

DH and I have discussed (again) what our options are to better insulate our home to offset the heat.  Our portable ac units do a good job within limits.  I cringe a bit at the thought of the next hydro bill.
Long term we need to improve our lot as this shift in weather isn't going away any time soon.

Meanwhile, with staying indoors I have managed a bit of sewing.  Two mug rugs finished. Fabric for a carry bag cut out and ready to sew.

This stitching was completed in June.  Finally found a suitable frame.

And Sully, what is a fellow to do when the room feels cold....move to shelter under the computer desk and nap in comfort.

A recent outdoor critter sighting, a Northern Flicker.   And thankfully no more squirrels! 

And without further adieu, meet the new girl in the house.....

Last Friday I responded to a local ad for this wheel.  Monday morning we drove to Richmond to meet the seller and her husband.   Both Vicki and her husband spin and weave.  After spending some time chatting and admiring their wheels, this Kiwi 2 came home with us.   I'm thrilled!!

that's it from from my corner.... 


kath001 said...

We are HOT. We actually had some rain last night. I walked outside with Rudy before bed and almost drowned...the humidity was 100%.

I think your Kiwi is fabulous! Learning new skills and movement at the same time is a win/win!

gracie said...

Poor Price Sully...a bit chilly? I love the spinning wheel it is a beauty. We have until mid September before the Monsoon is over and the humidity and heat go back down.

Michelle said...

We got a weather break today, too; hurray! I like that sunflower project. Congrats on the new wheel!