Monday, August 27, 2018

It almost feels like...


The skies are somewhat clearer, mind you the air quality advisory that was lifted is back in place again.  We've had some rain.  And the best of all, temperatures are back where they should be!  Bliss on the patio and in the house not an ac to be heard.

This is the last of my sheep stitching (for now).   One sheep lead to another and another.  I'm done now.

Noah, Nate and trains.   Some toys never get old.

Thoughtful moment.

And when you think it's safe to take a slice of apple, think again.... I do see what you're doing.

 and no matter what happens in a day,
laughter is the best medicine!

Out of focus, yes a bit.  All the same, we're definitely in the moment!
How wonderful to be 10 (well one of us).

A new school year begins next week. New discoveries and adventures await.

Likewise for the older type too.  The  Jenkins Yarn Tools spindle group (Ravelry) has posted a new group challenge called September/October:  Recipe Challenge.  It looks like fun!   Definitely a good way to keep up practice on my spindle so I've signed up.  

So long Summer of 2018.    September is calling.


kath001 said...

Oh! Enjoy the cooler temps! We are still 100 degrees. :(

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures. Liking forward to seeing some of the spinning results.

Michelle said...

Did I already ask you your Ravelry handle? I signed up, too, even though I should be knitting for Christmas instead of spinning!