Wednesday, April 11, 2018

that April showers bringing ...

At the moment, rain and wind.  Someone keeps hitting the repeat button, welcome to April.

Yesterday went from rain showers to monsoon rain and then by early afternoon, sunshine and blue skies  and even warmth.  Patio time was a welcome change from indoors.  Way up in the sky two eagles glided the upper currents.   They are so beautiful to watch.

Earth bound, Sully comfy in his spot.  Of course it's better with a buddy.

 The clouds patterns overhead were amazing.  It was hard to capture the rainbow within.


Rainbow colors here too.  The fragrance is wonderful.

More signs of spring.

A mailart stitching project for an exchange is well underway.  On my needles, the start of another capelet.  This one for me.  Sewing projects are waiting in the wings.   

Enjoy your day, enjoy your week.  

Share a smile, it's free.


Michelle said...

Beautiful photos, and really unusual clouds! Same weather here....

gracie said...

Oh Sully looks so comfy! The flowers are so pretty...looks like Spring.

kath001 said...

Such gorgeous photos. Oh, those amazing clouds! And Sully looks like he has a Mickey Mouse silhouette on his back. :)

September Violets said...

Lovely floral shots Debbie! I do see the rainbow colours in the clouds, how neat! As you heard, our weather put a halt to all things spring. My flower shoots are covered in ice until later in the week when things will warm up again (hopefully!). What a perfect sunny spot Sully has there on the patio. I too see the Mickey Mouse that Kath pointed out ... so cute!