Tuesday, March 27, 2018

rain drops, puddles ...oh it's Spring

Spring is here ....but someone forgot to mention this to Mother Nature.  It continues cool, windy, a bit of sunshine, snow, hail ...  well you get the picture, a bit of everything going on.  Wacky weather.

A bit of spring colors to brighten the patio.

These days watching the ever changing cloud formations is amazing.  Here and then gone.

Sunshine after a snow, this little fellow must have been cold.  The Anna's hummingbirds have managed another winter.

While trying to take a photo  I was being watched from above.  All this as I was too close to the feeder.

And the non feathered flyers...the drone on the left came from somewhere in the complex.  

I have been doing something other than taking pictures.  A  knit capelet for my daughter.   The rib pattern is an easy repeat, just wide as it's knit flat and then joined.    A second capelet is well underway too.

Yesterday I finally made it to my sewing room and made these.  Easter bags for our grandsons.  The best part was working from stash.  


seriously, you're going to take my picture?

then you're going to get a good licking

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

till next time.


September Violets said...

Hello Debbie! Spring is undecided about what to do here as well, but isn't that always the case? Not much precipitation, so everything is quite dry. I enjoyed seeing your blue skies and hummingbird in the snow ;) Wonderful job on the capelet for your daughter! A perfect addition for this type of weather. I did figure out my octopus, and hope to share it soon. Have a great Easter with the family! Give a little pat to Sully ... so cute!

Meari said...

I've been itching to get some flowers for my planters. It's the first time since my parents passed away that I've felt like doing anything to spruce up the outside.