Wednesday, October 4, 2017

another one bites the dust

I'm speaking of cameras.  My favorite compact Sony has for some time been doing it's own thing.  The final straw yesterday when I turned in on was the message read that the card was not recognized, really because it's the same card that worked the day before.   The card has been removed and all photos copied to the computer.  As for the camera, banished to the closet.   It's bigger camera cousin is on the way out as well due to the sensor doing the "oh, the light it's too bright" and takes a semi dark photo.  Sure with auto adjust colors it's a reasonable shot but the frustration in between time.  This was the case during our travels back in May.   Off to the closet it goes.  And from the back of the closet an older camera that does work.  Not all the bells and whistles and that is just fine by me.
Enough of  my rant.

Welcome October.   Sunny days continue but boy does it cool down overnight.  Again this morning turning on the compact space heater  provided welcome warmth to the family room.  Starting out the morning with 5 C    brrr.

Here is what  has been keeping me busy:


fabric pockets, knit pockets

When an idea comes together, a photo cropped and photoshop  image idea and finally a quilted hanging made.  And the finished piece mailed to Wendy.

all for now.


Michelle said...

What are the pockets for? Love the gift, AND the beautiful parting shot!

September Violets said...

The fabric pockets are really cute! Nice embroidery details there. You've sure been busy in the sewing room. Still loving the canoe quilt and have it hanging from a piece of driftwood ... it made me smile to see that's how you chose to photograph it as well ;)
It's so very frustrating when our cameras quit. They're so expensive and it's so disappointing to have to buy a new camera every six years or so.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Debbie!!
Wendy xox

gracie said...

Love your quilting and projects.

KimM said...

WOW! What an interesting post and projects. You've been a busy girl.

Meari said...

Hopefully, you've gotten a new camera? How frustrating. Those little blue envelopes are adorable.