Monday, July 24, 2017

ah summertime

The past few weeks have blurred....I blame it on watching the Tour de France early every morning.

 Short of being there, the helicopter views of the race and the scenery were amazing.   From chateaus to mountains,to fields of sunflowers, to fields of solar panels, to the creative field art and of course the race itself it was amazing.

I had planned to try hand spinning (again) but didn't quite make it.  Hand stitching and knitting won out.

Has anyone heard of Row by Row?   It's an annual event where participating fabric/quilt shops offer a pattern (theme based) for a quilted row.  A single row can be made into a runner, block or what you like.  Many rows can also be joined to make a quilt.  Online there is information by province, state and country.  There is still time to check out your local shops as the patterns are free for in person pick up till early September.  After that, as per their rules, patterns, kits are held till November 1st for mail order sales.  I've got my eye on a couple of Rows.  Locally I've discovered two new fabric shops.  One  only sold sewing machines for years so who knew they have a wonderful selection of fabrics  too.   Touching fabric is akin to touching yarn.....pure bliss.

The forest fires burning in our province blaze on.  Although some towns are allowed to return home, many folks are still in shelters.   It's been a tough go of it.  Locally we've only had to deal with some of the smoke and air quality issues.   We do need some rain.  Over the past few days it has rained a bit but not enough to really help.

Patio time as far as Sully is concerned  is a blanket (folded just right), chew bone, sunshine and of course a buddy to sit nearby (remembering to sit in the right chair, the one nearest said Sully).   Works for me too.  It's a chance to enjoy our patio garden.

Happy Summer!

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