Thursday, June 1, 2017

June has arrived..

and our weather continues grey and cool.  Apparently there is hope on the horizon of warmer weather.

Meanwhile I had promised some photo updates, so here goes... the patio garden is showing a bit of color and promise...

In a previous post I mentioned the Spring mailart that I had joined.  Here is the lovely mailart I received from Joke in Holland.  It was mailed mid March and arrived in my mailbox last week.  It's had the most scenic journey!  Joke's stitching is beautiful.

A gift for my daughter for Mother's Day.

The applique parts on the tiny pieces were a challenge but it all came together. There is something special about hand work.  Slow stitches are simple pleasures.

I've waited a few years to see this iris bloom.  So nice.

On the needle, just a small piece.  The silk floss is lovely to work with.

June brings promise of more sunny days, garden plantings that might grow and summer days ahead.

.........from my garden...  fairy wishes.....

till next time


Julia said...

The flowers are beautiful and I love that garden fairy. Gardening really is so much work but it's worth all the work. Seeing all the blooms and smelling the fragrances is payment. I'm waiting for my Lady Kim Lilac to bloom. they bloom later than regular lilac,
The stitching is so fine and perfect.
Smiles and hugs,

Pam in IL said...

Your flowers are beautiful! We've been having more cold, gray and wet days than sunny, warm days this spring. The mailart and gift for your daughter are lovely.

Michelle said...

So many pretty things pictured! I'd happily stay cool and grey all summer, but I guess I wouldn't grow much in my (late) garden.

cucki said...

Wow so beautiful ..love your stitching
Big hugs x

Merry ME said...

Everything is so beautiful. Your appliqué is stunning. There is a true art to getting your stitches so small.
Love the garden fairy.

I haven't blogged in ages. I keep thinking I may start it up again. Thinking and doing are two different things.

Buddy just turned two years old. He is a funny dog. Loves to catch balls and swim.

Hope all is well.

Weekend-Windup said...

Love all you flower pics. Looks beautiful:)

Cindy said...

Beautiful flower pictures! With the cool weather we have been having, I am still waiting for my flowers to bloom. I caught a whiff of my beautiful magnolia in the front yard a few days ago, smelled like heaven. Love the stitching too!

~ Dixie said...

Gorgeous flowers. And the stitching is beautiful.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Such pretty flowers and lovely stitching...especially liked the appliqué piece.