Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome February

and another step closer to spring!

I need to take a wonder through the far end of our patio to see what is poking up from the ground. Further down the complex in a neighbor's garden the daffodils are already up a few inches.  Mind you there is still frost overnight and a mention of snow for Friday so ........the countdown to an early spring might be delayed.

Meanwhile indoors things are moving- from room to room, a work in progress.   Letting go is not so easy at some points but other moments it's " LET IT GO" .

Rarely do I ever comment on our world/politics/what's going on but events of recent weeks leave me shaking my head (well more than that actually) but if you can't say something nice........................... be kind, be respectful, share a smile, keep some common sense.  


Merry ME said...

Its been awhile, my friend, so its good to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods. My sister in WA has had more snow than normal this year. I'm sure she's looking for the first buds of Spring also.

As for a work in progress. With no intention of renovating, all of a sudden there are tools, paint cans and disarray in my kitchen and bathroom. Red is the color I'm drawn to. I haven't figured out why. I'm just going with it.

Buddy is now 70 pounds but has not lost his puppy brain. Hs bark is quite deep, sounds ferocious, but he is not the least aggressive. In fact he's a bit of a chicken!

Stay warm.

Merry ME said...

P.S. I love the picture of the hummingbird. You take that?

September Violets said...

I think winter only just arrived here! A bit of snow has fallen and so has the temperature. How exciting to see daffodils already sprouting out of the ground! Glad to hear the purging is still going well. Some things are a lot harder to send out the door than others, but you'll feel better to have lessened your household belongings at the end of it. Why do we allow our possessions to accumulate to such unmanageable proportions?! Good luck!