Saturday, February 4, 2017

about that snow.....

Snow started falling yesterday morning and just didn't let up till well in to the evening.  And guess what, it's snowing again.   This time I am going to scoop some fresh snow to stash away in the freezer to make some snow ice cream in the summer.   Done and in the freezer.  Now what to do with the rest of it.

The hummingbirds seem to be taking this weather hiccup in stride.  At any time at least one is perched on a limb under the umbrella while others are nearby.

Sully is checking out the snow, again.   This is shared hummer space too.  It becomes a standoff...that is until the hummers buddy up to dive at Sully and then it is all done...till the next time.

Yesterday made a batch of Amish White bread.  Other than cutting down the sugar it has be a great recipe.  Once having home made bread it is hard to go back to store bought, let alone the price difference.

My Saturday started way to early this morning, somewhere around 1:30 am (way too early) then 5ish time for a bit of coffee and finally up for the day around 7.  A full nights sleep is rare, it must be a getting older thing akin to staying up late.

In the best laid plans visiting Venice for Carnival will not happen this year, it is mind you on the list. Meanwhile thanks to live cam Venice, San Marco  .......it is a window to a favorite place and a small way to share in the sights and sounds.

stay warm and dry this weekend.

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EvalinaMaria said...

Poor hummingbirds, this year I did not see any (yet) in Port Alberni.