Sunday, January 22, 2017

back to the rain.....

It's not too late to say Happy New Year!

What started early in December as a cold snap and snowfall lasted some six weeks.   It was a long haul for sure.  Definitely a good reason to rediscover neglected indoor projects.  I realized how much pleasure I get from making gifts.  I hope to continue this in 2017.  My goal this year is to work from stash for most projects.

The hummingbird featured in the header photo is one of three that come.  All through the cold and dark mornings, they came.   Now that the temperature is a bit more to normal they still come but seem to be elsewhere during midday.

Local stores are selling primulas....the colors so bright  and yes hopeful that spring will come.  I'm so looking forward to this year's garden.

Earlier this week  I cut out fabric, basted it in place and started the first stitches on a hand applique panel.  When the panels and pieces are done I hope they will become a quilt....no photos yet.

There is progress in my efforts to de-clutter ......the good stemware is meant to be used, same for the dishes.  No more 'just for special occasions', it's nice to see the table set.  Other items have been sent to the thrift store.  The sorting is getting easier, well mostly, it is a work in progress.

Thanks to my husband  recent purchases have been built.  A bench/storage unit, the desk the computer now sits on and a side chair.  Improvements for sure.  Of course it means that as something new comes in, something else has to go.  

And so it continues...  welcome to 2017!


Michelle said...

Oh, you captured a STUNNING photo of Mrs. Hummer!

September Violets said...

Love the hummingbird photo! It's wonderful that they visit you all winter long. Glad to hear you are making great progress with the decluttering. I too use my good dishes (from my parents' house) for every day. The only pain is that I have to handwash them, but a small price to pay. I kept only one set of four plates from my own dishes to use in the microwave. There is always that constant battle of removing something from the house when you get something new. I still struggle with swapping out pieces of furniture! I hope it will get easier when my kids eventually leave home and take what they want/need. Right now I tend to hang onto things thinking they might be able to use them one day in their own place.