Friday, December 16, 2016

sunny and bright...........and cold!

This has pretty much been our view this week.  At the moment there is a bit less snow on the trees and hedge compared to this photo.   Today's high is -3 C.

Here is a better view of the hummer corner.   There is an umbrella secured to the maple tree, bowl covers for the feeder and bubble plastic on the feeder base, sheets of insulation as buffers at the hedge sides and one hummer perched on a branch.  Even with the very cold weather hummers appear each day.  It means having the feeder out in the morning by 6:45 am (yes it is still dark) and leave in place till 4:45 pm (dark again).   So it's not like they are catered too....

More snow is predicted for overnight on Saturday.  After that there is a glimmer of hope for early next week..milder temperatures and good old west coast rain.  I'll take it!

And now it's back to arts and crafts.   I'm working on a crochet checkerboard.  At the moment I'm on the last 8 block panel. After that, weave the blocks together, make some checker discs and it will be done.  I'm still deciding on a backing.

wishing everyone a good weekend, stay warm and safe!


Michelle said...

I read "-3°" and thought of our winter in Minnesota . . . then I realized that's Celsius. Okay, 26° F is not too bad; it's probably about the same here. Don't you love these hardy hummers? We have at least two.

September Violets said...

That's a pretty picture you see! Love the snow on a sunny day. We've had three snowfalls this week and I think the snowplows are having trouble keeping up! Most side streets just haven't been cleared. I'm amazed that the hummingbirds are still there in the cold weather. He looks a little chilly though. Enjoy your crafting!

Mary Burton said...

Hi Debbie, I somehow have deleted you're email or aol has deleted it for me. Jim and I are both having problems with aol!!!! Anyway, just checked Santa Swap site and we can open our presents!!! So I did. 😉 I love it all from the pot scrubber, candy, appliqué, little pillow to the scarf and fingerless gloves. I love the bags and love love the appliqué. You did a great job on the appliqué and I will cherish it. Thank you so much.

~ Dixie said...

O, what a lovely visitor. I am surprised the hummers over winter, but they are definitely in good hands.
Enjoy your projects. And have a very Merry Christmas!