Wednesday, April 27, 2016

moving along

The weeks are passing too quickly.  Time in my computer has been minimal.  Since mid month we have forged ahead with moving things around/out to new homes, thrift store and some to the cleanup crew pickup.  It's all a process.   The family home belonging to my parents is now a house ready to sell.   The house is furnished suitably for presentation and showings.  No longer will we say let's go over to Mom and Dad's.  

It's hard to explain the feelings that I have regarding all this.   It feels like forever but it has only been a few months since Dad's passing.  I know he would want us to be doing what we are and moving on. So would Mom for that matter.

Out our windows we see this.  The trees were covered in blossoms this year.  They don't last long.

More blooms to enjoy.   Nestled behind the hedge, that's us.  From the patio there is lots of light and sky views.  It's our oasis.....truly a secret garden.

Last Friday marked Nate's 6th birthday.  And he was so excited at his party on Saturday.  With friends to play with, cake to eat and presents to open....definitely a special day!

all for now...........


kath001 said...

I truly do understand how hard it is to disburse a parent's household. Mine had lived in the same house for over fifty years...the only home I ever knew...so hard. And at the same time often aggravating. My heart and thoughts are with you.

The blossoms are SO gorgeous...almost as gorgeous as the smile on that sweet little face of the birthday boy! :)

September Violets said...

I know exactly what you are feeling in disposing of a lifetime of belongings from your parents' home. Although we would all love to hang onto the happier days forever, there really is nothing that can be done but to move ahead. You're definitely doing the right thing. When I went through this with my parents' home, it took a long time to feel good about things again. With decluttering my home of a lot of their stuff this year, I told someone that I felt like I had been given permission to live in the present again. I'm glad to see that you have been able to deal with all of this relatively quickly, which will keep all of this from becoming a burden to you. It's a bit of a sting to have your parents' house so close, but once new people move in, you will feel more and more that it belongs to a new life. Who knows, maybe you will become friends with the new people.

Happy Birthday to little Nate! He looks very pleased with his party. There will always be the distraction of your grandchildren to bring back the happiness in your life Debbie.

Take care
Wendy xox