Sunday, January 31, 2016

so long January

It has been a very long month.    I thank you for your very kind words.

Bit by bit we are moving forward.   There is no timeline........... yes I know anything beyond a snail's pace is recommended.  

The days are getting longer, so nice!  There are signs of spring outdoors.  Mind you the weather reports suggest cooler weather next week and even a chance of snow.

Knitting and crochet projects are getting done.  This means I'm also using up stash which is always nice.   I'll have some pictures next post.

So now it's onward to February.


cucki said...

Keep well dear..sending you big hugs xx

September Violets said...

Hi Debbie, good to hear you're moving along and enjoying the signs of spring. We had our cold snap last week, and this week we are warming up. I think the snow has passed us by for all winter now. I hope you have a good week,

Julia said...

Hi Debbie, I'm glad to hear that you are slowly moving forward even though it's difficult.
Spring will renew your energy and it will get easier.


Meari said...

I've been seeing signs of spring, too. Hearing birds sing is a wonderful thing. :)