Sunday, July 26, 2015


Finally we have rain, heavy actually today after lighter showers yesterday.  It's a very welcome change to our area.  This morning DH set up a catch bag on the gutter drain outside the front door and in a very short time we have  several inches in a large Rubbermaid bin.   Actually there are a couple of bins lined up and ready to use.   We've discussed having a rain barrel outside our patio (it's a pricey purchase) but with the current water restrictions and the long term forecasts it might be a worthwhile investment.   Otherwise the excess water flows out the storm drains and that seems a loss especially in the current conditions.  Current water restrictions are expected to last through September.

Another Sunday and the younger types and grandsons will be here soon.  Lunch is ready.  We're ready....with added door security.  #2 grandson loves to 'be on the run' and is very able to open doors/locks and he proved this last weekend and pulled a runner.  Luckily no harm was done except he's done the same at home and headed for the street.  We've had the locksmith in and a deadbolt has been added to our front door as well as lock pins for each of the patio slider doors.  Both are good for security  but are they Natey proof?   The keeper of the keys will have them well out of sight range.  Update to follow.

Pictures I'd planned to share are still in the camera.  Maybe tomorrow.  Stitching projects continue and being able to stitch from stash is really a bonus.  Perhaps this says I have too much stuff!

Happy Sunday!


Michelle said...

We had the possibility of rain in the forecast, but just got clouds and cooler weather. I was SO hoping for a soaker!

Julia said...

We have sun and rain, sun and rain and more sun and rain. And so it seems the pattern is set.
Enjoy your rain.

KimM said...

Have fun - looking forward to pictures!!!

Meari said...

I've thought about setting up a rain barrel, too. We don't have water restrictions, but it's a good way to recycle/reuse water. Hopefully, your security measures prevent a runner on the loose. :)

~ Dixie said...

I am glad to hear that you finally got some rain. It must have been a welcome sight!
I hope your door updates work well.