Tuesday, July 14, 2015

mid July....already

Normal temperatures have resumed (low to mid 20's) and the smoky haze has cleared, now this is summer.   It's still very dry and much of the province is still dealing with forest fire situations.  We've had some rain but not enough to do much good.  I'm sure come September there will be complaints about "all the rain".   Until then, here's the place I enjoy most....

The blinds are a new addition this year.  We purchased inexpensive indoor blinds and mounted them on lengths of wood, added cup hooks and hung on existing outdoor hooks  .....done.    To angle them out and attach to the hedge I used lengths of synthetic raffia.  The outdoor lights are on a timer so they provide evening sparkle.


Next up, completed mailarts.  On the left the back of the stitched envelope and on the right the whole envelope before being stitched together (sent to Amy).  Below, centre is the lovely mailart received from Amy along with goodies.  Definitely a fun exchange!

And not to forget, blooms from the garden ......

Last chance to enter my birthday giveaway.  Be sure to read the previous post.


Julia said...

Your porch looks very nice and inviting. Enjoy.

rosey175 said...

Oh wow, look at all the plants! That is definitely my kind of porch.

The mailarts sent and received look great! I've yet to attempt such a neat exchange (far too slow at stitching lol) but they certainly look amazing! :D

Not sure if my comment last post counted as an entry? Lol. If not, I'd like to be entered! Hope your birthday was good~

Meari said...

I would really enjoy myself sitting on your porch. It's beautiful!

Kudos on the mailart finish.

~ Dixie said...

Ah...Your porch looks so inviting. Lovely!
Wonderful mailarts.

Merry ME said...

I have to agree. Your porch looks like the kind of sanctuary we could all use.
It's so pretty.

jocondine said...

Oh this place looks so cosy and welcoming. Mailarts allways surprised me, must try it one day. xxx

blue star stitcher said...

What a beautiful spot to relax!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Your Stitching is so beautiful...I love the colors of this. Great Job. I love how your Porch area is - I love being surrounded by Plants and Flowers.

Enjoy your Summer
Linda K, Railroad