Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy July!

Sunday morning and it's overcast.  This should be a good thing except  the cloud cover is from wildfire smoke.  It's blanketing all the Lower Mainland area.  Hot times and bad conditions...and still this hot weather continues.  The long range forecast shows another week of heat to come.

The past few days I've found myself remembering the dates....last July  1st en route to Venice, by the 4th to Rome and then the ship at the cruise port heading for other destinations.   It was a journey to celebrate many things, birthdays, anniversary, my leaving work and family all ok.   How things have changed.   July 4th marked three months since Mom passed away.  No, there will not be monthly reminders but this one hit with a thud and I don't know why, just a reality check I guess.  Time passes, adjustments are made.  July 2nd marked three months since DH has been out of work (no fault of his, store closed)  It's been a wild ride.  There are still bumps along the way but we're doing fine.  We've been served two scoops of life.  And the cherry on top, family and friends.

For now, pictures from my garden.


The flowers on the left are a Peruvian daffodil.  And the berries, it's the first year for fruit.   One of our figs trees has figs.  Small fruit coming, so long as the birds don't discover them, it will be a treat to have fresh figs!

FIFA finals today.  It has been a pleasure to watch the games.   Next time the games come to Vancouver we will definitely try to get tickets.

Upcoming....birthdays.....three this month...grandson turns 7 on the 7th, me on the 10th (alright, let's leave it at over 60) and DH turns 60 on the 30th.  So to mark the occasions I'm going to put together a giveaway.  To use  one of Noah's favorite words   'Surprise'   ....my gift to you will be stitching and crafty.  Stay tuned.  I will do the draw on the 15th.


Lorraine said...

There's nothing like fresh fruit from the garden. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

Meari said...

It's certainly been a bumpy ride for you. Nice of you to put a positive spin on it. The upcoming birthdays will give you something to celebrate. :)

Beautiful photos from your gardens.

Julia said...

You have a positive attitude and it will make thing more bearable. I hope your husband gets some work.
Our Target store where Zellers used to be is still empty.
Love the garden photos. You're growing figs... what climate zone are you?

Angela CG said...

Sometimes those dates just sneak up on a person, other times it is a sound or a smell. I love your attitude towards it all though. And thank you for sharing your heart and your hobby with us all.

rosey175 said...

It is my first year for fruit too -- blackberries. It really is a treat to have fresh things even if they're just a snack's worth at this point!

I am sorry you've had such a bumpy year so far and you're amazing to put a positive spin on it! And since this is conveniently the 10th, a happy birthday to you! :)

~ Dixie said...

I do hope your husband finds a new job very soon!
I love the daffodil; it's so unique.
Figs...O my...they are a favourite of mine. They usually arrive in the stores in August. Last winter I saw a few, but they were $1.00 each!