Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Wishes

Sunshine....check.....unlimited actually for days to come.

Warm temperatures   ....check.... 28 in the shade, lovely but maybe just a bit cooler would be nice.

Cool drinks ...check ....iced tea made and in the fridge.  It's too warm for a glass of wine, maybe tonight though.

Freezer stocked...check ....we've become fans of Chapman's Gelato....yummy flavours!  No, that's not the only thing in the freezer!

Stitching to do...check....there are unlimited options here ....

With the a/c unit going in the living room, ceiling fan  in the family room and a large turbo fan the other end of the place overall it's comfortable indoors staying in the 24 degree range.

We've been following the Women's FIFA games to date.  Tonight is Canada and England, playing in Vancouver.  We're content to watch the game on TV.

No pictures today but next post I'll be able to show you what I've been working on and what I've received in the mail.

So, what are your summer wishes??


Kaisievic said...

Winter wishes, here in Melbourne, Australia - warm heater, comfort food and lots of stitching to do whilst watching the Matildas do an awesome job at the Women's Fifa world cup!

Julia said...

My summer wishes is simply to be pain free and good uninterrupted sleep so I can regain my energy.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Debbie, it sounds like you are on your way to enjoying summer!

rosey175 said...

Summer wishes... for it to be over! I don't love being cold but I haaaaate being hot! At least I can sit inside and stitch on days I can't go outside. :)

September Violets said...

Your heat wave is making news even here ;) We're still rather cool for this time of year. I haven't turned on the A/C once! You are all set for a lovely summer of sipping tea and eating gelato ... perfect!

Meari said...

I wish the rain would stop, lol.

Sounds like you've got a good setup going on there.... gelato, ice tea, stitching. You're set. :)