Monday, June 1, 2015

A new day, a new month.

Welcome June .......sunshine is streaming in the kitchen windows.  There is plenty of blue sky with layers of white clouds and light breeze.  According to the weather report last evening, we will squeak another nice day before the rain returns.    Actually some rain will be nice as May was extremely dry and now the outdoor watering restrictions come in to effect as of today.

Yesterday was busy and very productive.   It was so nice to make inroads in the ironing....yes it does mount up.  I was most happy to finish my mailart and take it to the sub post office.  There were a couple of other small parcels posted as well including one for an exchange.  It's a good feeling to have projects done and mailed with time to spare.

My batch of stuffed peppers (mini peppers) go bigger and bigger....it's what happens when you keep adding items to the cooked rice......lots of filling equals lots of peppers.   We'll enjoy some this week and I'll freeze the rest.

Friday we took my Dad for a drive and went to a veggie market.  This market is about 20 minutes away by car.  It's a lovely location half way between Surrey and White Rock.  The open fields all around and with views of the local mountains well you feel 100 miles away from anywhere.  Fresh veggies are just a bonus.   Bit by bit we try to include 'a road trip' for Dad.   It can't be too long but we try to find something different for him to enjoy.

Now that the other projects are on their way, I can got full ahead on my Christmas in July exchange. This will be fun to do.

DH made the coffee this morning.  A second cup  poured and it's time to take it outdoors ....and water the garden.

Sunflowers in my garden.


Meari said...

Do you freeze your peppers raw?

Looking forward to seeing your mailart.

Merry ME said...

Love this picture.