Friday, May 8, 2015

sunny Friday

The forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures right through the weekend....yeah....patio time!

And in the gardens outside our windows.......

 Blossoms, lots of them.  The colors are beautiful.  They didn't last long.

And on our patio....

My favorite, now in bloom.  This lilac started from a cutting and is now about 5 feet tall and growing well in a large tub.

New additions this year.   It's fun visiting the garden centres but  it has sure been an eye opener with the prices this year.  Thus far my purchases have been limited.  I'm good with that.  

Every now and then we have visitors to the complex.  It's amazing that a heron would be in a residential area.  This one stayed on the roof for a good hour or so.

And once in a while we are lucky enough to see this...  last week, early evening, looking east, one rainbow and the start of a second.   As for the pot of gold....

Stitching projects are well underway, a Patriotic mailart and a wedding sampler.   Photos of these will come later.  With  some warm sunny days ahead it must be time to bring out the knitting needles.  So many projects, so little time.

Wishing all the Mom's a very Happy Mothers's Day!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend too!


Meari said...

I'm working on my Patriotic Mailart, too. I agree... so many projects, so little time. ::sigh::

Beautiful spring photos. I enjoyed them.

jocondine said...

Broken bone gives me unhoped free time to visit friend blogs.... Love your flowers pics, beautiful! (my lilac had the good idea to give flowers during my holidays...). On my roof you can find these times a couple of ducks. ;) Hugs