Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mid May grey's

Let's call it mild, not warm outdoors.  Although it's not raining at the moment the skies are bland, that greyish blah.  I can't complain really as everything on the patio is growing/blooming  and there is color....definitely makes me happy.

Mother's Day was nice but different.  Mom was with us in spirit.  She was missed.   Daughter, son in law and grandson's came for lunch.  As was his way, Dad came over after lunch and visited.

Nate helped open my gift bag. Taking out the tissue paper was the best part for him, then done. Noah's turn on the same (repacked) bag wasn't the tissue paper but the framed picture inside.  We 'reviewed' each photo.  In each card was a gift certificate, a mother-daughter lunch (we're going later this month) and a stitching gift certificate.

Sunday also brought special outdoor visitors.  First, the return of a hummingbird to the feeder. Several visits during the day/evening.  And not really so special, Murray the mouse.  Darn creature doesn't seem to run away too fast.  No, it's not going to become a pet!

Stitching projects update.  My mailart is stitched and ready to sew on the backing.  Wedding sampler framed and wrapped for the wedding this weekend.  Frogging again on a larger piece.  I've gone through patterns and have come up with a couple of small projects to work on next.

We're still going through and sorting/condensing stuff.  It's nice to have more space.  Taking stock of what we have... priceless.  The thing that I've missed the least is the old microwave.  The shelf now holds my cookbooks.

Wishing everyone a good week!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day and a busy week. Take care.

Julia said...

Hard to believe how fast May is clipping along. The first Mother's Day without our mom is the hardest.
It sounds like things are getting back into routine.
Enjoy your blooms.

KimM said...

Take care - I understand how Mother's Day this year was bittersweet. Sending love and hugs

jocondine said...

Friendly thoughts. Take care. xxx

Meari said...

Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day, Debbie. I missed my Mom, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Patriotic Mailart.