Monday, May 25, 2015

last week of May

It's Monday, again, so soon.  

Recently I stitched a LK travelling pattern.  With a few changes I made this.   Framed and ready to go I took a picture with it in the box with the intention of getting another shot later.  The later shot happened but didn't come out as well.   The wedding was lovely.  The day was great.  And it was sunny!

Another recent finish as yet unframed.

My Patriotic mailart is ready to be sewn together.  Once mailed and received I'll post a picture. It's been fun to do.  

And from my garden.....

The poppies are a new addition this year.  One plant has orange and red blooms.   I'm still working on a vertical theme as there is only so much space on the patio.  Finally found a pineapple sage plant along with a thyme, cilantro, dill and chocolate mint to add to the herb garden.  It's so nice to be able to go snip some fresh parsley and dill from the garden.  The strawberry blooms are so pretty.

In the big picture I guess we're doing ok.  We seem to be adapting to life without Mom, yet I feel she's nearby, just to keep track of us! Our concern shifts to my Dad as his health is less than 100%.  It's a fine balance, respecting his space and privacy and yet being there too.  We leave within walking distance a building away so it's easy to find reasons to stop by.

Tomorrow is a carryover from Mother's Day, a high tea lunch with my daughter.  As we're meeting at the restaurant I plan to leave home a bit early and make a couple of stops along the way to White Rock.

Have a good week!


Meari said...

Nice finishes, Debbie.

I like your 'spin' on the traveling pattern. I hope the bride and groom love it as it turned out beautiful.

jocondine said...

Congrats for your lovely finishes. Never done mailart but I'm very interesting in, can't wait to discover your work. Hugs

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely stitching. Your blooms are pretty. I love my herb garden big pot by the kitchen door and it is so easy to snip of what is needed. Have a good day.

Rhonda H said...

Love those flowers! My poppies did not fare well this year -- it got too hot too fast and I think it shocked them. Oh well, always next year! And I will plant more (I secretly want to take over the last little grass patch with flowers and wouldn't a big spot of poppies be lovely!)

Sheila said...

Lovely stitching . Your flowers are lovely , would you mind if I borrowed your poppie photo for an art piece ? I am now a follower :-)