Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Here we are many days in to our 'alternate programming'  .....up in the morning and take my Dad to the hospital for 9 am, back home, get a meal ready for DH to take to work, drop him at work, home for a bit then back to the hospital to visit with my Mom and bring Dad home, make dinner, pick up DH  ....  Overall there are improvements for my Mom.  For this we are truly thankful.   It's been a hard week for both my parents.  

I haven't kept track of the steps taken but the daily walks from the parking lot (far side of the building) to the room have been good exercise.  And yes I do feel better for it. and will keep it up once there is a bit less commuting going on.  So there are positives to all situations.....darn, these feet of mine are walking!

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Julia said...

I'm glad your mom is starting to improve .
Exercise is really good for anybody. I get a lot of it at work with feeding all the calves. I do a lot of walking and I don't need to diet anymore and I' in better shape than when I was younger.

Keep thinking positive.