Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last of 2014 and looking ahead to 2015

With the last days of December, 2014 and a New Year just around the corner it is only fitting to take a look back and share a bit of the year with you.   Lots of pictures, just saying....

January was bittersweet.  We loved Quincy and letting him go was the hardest.

His favorite pose should a camera be pointed his way .........unless there was a statement to be made.

As the months moved along and after much discussion/planning I decided to leave my job.  It has been a big change but a good one.  

It's given time to:

Finish this blanket that my daughter started  a long time ago.

Rediscovered yarn in my stash.   The lap blankets at the left were done with Noro yarn.  It's wonderful to knit with.  Those blankets have since been given to my parents.  The crochet blanket in a new addition for us.

And we traveled this past summer.  Let's say it celebrated birthdays and our 25th anniversary (in November).  Venice is one of my favorite places.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a short stay in both Venice and Rome along with a cruise that included Greece and Turkey.

 Back home again there was time for the garden.
The dahlia tubers purchased earlier in the spring yielded beautiful pink blooms.  The hibiscus was a purchase.  And even after the blooms were done, they still looked pretty in this ceramic dish.
And the boys of summer, Nate heading left and Noah right.  Nothing better than a warm day and water to splash in.

The super moons, awesome to look at but my photos never did them justice.

As fall as you can get on one tree.  With mild and dry temperatures this fall our Japanese Maple displayed a beautiful range of color.

And then came the birds.   It has been a pleasure watching them but they are not team players when it comes to getting a photo taken.

And last but not least, hummingbirds.  

no , really, we haven't gone to the birds!


 This was the year to stitch new Christmas ornament patterns.  I really enjoyed stitching the Santa snow globe.  I ended up making three, with variations.  Two were sent as gifts and one for me.  The red tree above also was sent as a

It was really nice having stitched ornaments on the tree this year.  We tried to go kid friendly. The green red white garlands are knitted lengths and one garland crocheted in the style of paper garlands that we made at school.

And today, December 30th marks my parents 64th Anniversary.  It's been a long ride for them.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Some years ago for their anniversary I made a stitched ornament.  Of course it was "safely put away" and when the time came it was never found.   Add to the safe keeping a move or two and now finally, it's done and delivered.  And this year's gift, ordered well in advance I might add, still has not arrived.  Maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed.

And that's a bit of my 2014 in photos.   

I'm thankful for what we have and what we can share.  I'm hopeful for a good year ahead.  

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!  


Patty Antle said...

I enjoyed reading your review Debbie. It's so nice to have time to do the things we really love to do. Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting me.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you, too. Great hummer photos!