Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's beginning to feel like ...

a mini Santa's workshop here.  Today was the day to sew together recently stitched (and 2 not so recent) cross stitch ornaments.  Eight sewn and stuffed and ready to be trimmed.  The only hiccup was the sewing machine.  I'm down to the last ornament the bobbin needs a refill, of course.  That done and the machine re-threaded and of course there was an issue .....many words, many times undoing, redoing and finally it was good to go.  This is a Brother machine and overall is great, especially being a featherweight.  I still miss my old Singer.  Heavy as it was ......   Currently it's stored in the garage along with a 'new to me' machine that was put out for claim in the garbage room.
So early in 2015 I'll tend to having them serviced.

Last night overnight and early this morning heavy winds and rain.  Apparently another storm is due overnight with more wind.  Bring on the candles.  As much as I enjoy real candles we have adapted to using the battery operated tea lights.  Definitely an advantage with our grandsons.

stay warm and dry!


cucki said...

Big hugs dear x

Meari said...

Hope to see some pics of your creations :)