Saturday, December 31, 2011

come Saturday morning...................

It is Saturday, December 31st   7 am.  With coffee made and the rest of the household still sleeping, it's my time on the computer.  

Last night we watched Midnight in Paris (for the 2nd time in the 24 hr rental).  The location shots in Paris are wonderful.  Street scenes are awesome, almost feel like being there.......one day, it's on the list.  The music through out the show was very good.

Am I ready for 2012, definitely!   This year has been a mixed blessing, family member's health issues, work hours cut, beans in the garden that didn't grow...   Still, we are all here and moving forward and for this I am thankful.   We have two wonderful grandsons, Noah and Nate.  They keep everyone busy for sure.

Back in July I made a list, not really a "to do" or a "bucket list", just things I'd like to accomplish in a year or so:

Make a quilt                     I've tried once  and would like to try again.

Drink wine in Tuscany      Too many times of watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

Reach Noah                    
Our grandson has ASD, words don't always come easy.  They are there and one day will flow.              Something I read:   Tell me, I forget
                              Show me, I understand
                              Involve me, I remember

Knit a sweater                  I've actually started one.  Chunky yarn, hand dyed.

Paint a picture                   Water colors appeal most

Knit socks                         Yes, I knit but never socks...I'm always envious of those who knit socks.

Stitching is not missing from this list, as stitching is always part of most days.  There is always a project or two or three........ready to go.

DH and I are planning a quiet New Year's Eve,  A nice dinner, some wine, maybe another movie.

To everyone, Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Your comments are always appreciated.

till next time  ...................

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Nancy said...

Gee Debbie, you haven't told us what Quincy has planned for New Year's Eve. Hahahaha I have a bit of a list of things I would like to do also but I it is more in my head. Someday I will put it to paper or computer. As for the quilt, you and I shall discuss that more when we get a chance. I am hoping that you and Laurie have a wonderful Healthy and Happy New Year!!