Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summertime, summertime

at last, blue skies and sunshine for more than one day......and warm breezes...and local strawberries  finally ready....

June certainly wasn't a record for blog posts on my part.  As for stitching, two finishes and on to the next project.   Since taking the picture of the Greek islands below there is further progress.   It's nice. 

With a bit of sunshine and warmer days, our garden is on a growth spurt.  Mind you the tomato plants are  dismall, likewise for the beans.  Flower baskets are doing well.  Sweet peas are growing and any blooms will be late... but they are growing!! Yeah.  

And then there are the grandsons, little boys who seem to be growing each time we see them.

They bring a lot of joy!

And not forgotten, our other little 'boy'.  He's not a fan of the camera.  Give him sunshine, a comfy blanket, toys and he's set for his patio break.

I had the opportunity to try a mosaic class.   Family members had health issues and to that end I missed most of the classes but did complete my project. The projects completed by my classmates were awesome.  Some very creative folks.                                                                                            

Originally the project called for ceramic and/or glass tile pieces.  Long story short, I ended up with glass beads.  It was a bit of a challenge.  There wasn't the same depth to work with so when grout (light brown, in the second picture) was added it filled up the open spaces, almost too much.

Recently we have enjoyed many amazing cloud formations.  This one was taken on the first day of summer.It truly looked like a blanket being lifted.                                                                                                          
The evening light is still bright so there is more time to stitch and with that I close for now.    

till next time  .............. Happy Summer!

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