Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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It's September, already, just where did the summer go? 

In between some very soggy grey days there is sunshine.  Today is no exception as there is a beautiful sunrise happening outside. These days are shorter and the evening comes much earlier seems to stretch much longer.  Next it will be time to put the fireplace on!

This is the bookmark that I received from Linda B (ILCS bookmark exchange).  It's beautiful!  The picture does not do it justice.   Along with the bookmark were two skeins of floss and Crystal light drink mixes.                                                         
All things family are good (well fingers crossed).  At this point there seems to be a status quo on my Dad's health.  Likewise for my Mom.   The younger folks are settling in to their new home.  And our grandsons, growing so quickly.   We see them often but I miss them just the same.    As for DH and I, well we are counting down the days till October and a holiday. 

till next time ..................

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