Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when the unxpected comes crashing thru ...

My Dad has had a minor stroke. It happened yesterday afternoon in the form of vision loss. We rushed him to the hospital and they moved him to a bed. It took a couple of hours before the CT scan result came back showing a minor stroke. Dad's vision continues to be blurred and they are not sure if it will improve.

My parents have always been healthy and active. Yes, they are getting older and yes, health does change ... it's still not any easier. Respecting their independence yet lending a hand.

I've felt for some time that my life journey is changing direction, my focus is shifting more towards home and family. A year ago my husband and I moved house to be in the same complex as my parents. Now it clearer that my path will circle closer to home.

Live simply, hold close those that you treasure, do the things that bring you bliss, simply live!


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