Sunday, August 15, 2010

middle of August ...already

The heatwave continues... mid 30's again today and forecasted warm and sunny for the week ahead. Thank goodness for a portable air conditioner. It has really been put to the test!

Lunch today was a family get together, minus our son in law who was working at home (still some painting to finish). It's just been two weeks but I've sure missed seeing the grandsons.

Nathan is developing his own personality and Noah seems to have sprouted up in such a short time. Vanessa is so good with her boys.

It was good for my parents as well to have a chance to visit. It's been a very hard two weeks on my parents. Dad's lack of vision is still a source of frustration. So a visit with their granddaughter and great grandchildren was good for morale.

Both DH and I had cameras ready today. Noah is always on the move so photo ops are few and far and Nathan, he's a captive audience (for now). Not quite four months old and he's trying to roll over.

And not to forget Quincy. As soon as Noah's play table was set up well Quincy was ready and waiting for the kids to arrive. Thanks to DH the two footed little ones survived all the licks from the four footed one!

So the day was good for everyone's morale.

I've started a small Halloween project. The floss is Weeks 'Trick or Treat' on a very pale green evenweave and stitching one over one. The project needs a bit more stitching before taking a picture.

Summer is great but nothing beats fall. The warmth of the days, the abundance of colors to enjoy and cooler nights!

till next time.

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