Saturday, July 24, 2010

the long days of summer.......

Blue skies and warm temperatures continue and it is a perfect afternoon to enjoy a slurpee. DH and I finished the 'errands of the day' and while stopping to put gas in the car (now at $1.20 something a litre) decided to indulge in the slurpee's On our return home Quincy also shared in this treat. Simple pleasures for sure.

The 24th of July already, my goodness, the days are flying by. And five months today.... my stitching needle better shift to high gear!!

Next week our daughter, son in law and the boys move to Abbotsford. We're so pleased they have found a house with a yard. It will be great for the boys to have the space to play in. On the minus the one way commute on a good day is a hour. It is a mixed blessing. We will miss them for sure. Little boys change so quickly at this young age.

Meanwhile, it's saturday afternoon and my spot on the patio in the sunshine awaits! My stitching project requires some unraveling...seems that a certain little dog helped himself to it and adjusted the threads on the card....all is not lost I'm sure. There is no accounting for a bit of dog slobber...

till next time..


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