Thursday, May 20, 2010

rain and wind...a stitching day for sure

Yesterday afternoon a storm system moved through and it's still being felt today. Everything on the patio had to be moved and planters sort of huddled together for fear of being blown away. And rain, boy it drenched everything! Luckily we didn't loose power but many folks are still without power this morning. As I'm going to be home today along with catching up on indoor things like laundry, there will be time to stitch.

Since my last posting, another finish, my summer ornament for the ILCS exchange. I received the stitched ornament from Viv O'Leary. It's beautiful! I will treasure it always. Take a look at her stitching, and all the beading.
Last week and this week I've been going over to help my daughter with the kids. It's been fun having the time with them. Nathan is growing so much. Noah still goes to daycare but will soon be home. Vanessa is a good mom. We're proud of her for sure.
During this time I've been working on a small project, Chickadees, stitched on plastic canvas. As well, crocheted granny square blanket (no picture yet). It's not as though I need another project to do....but keeping busy means happy hands.
Last Saturday morning DH and I went over to a yard sale and bake sale at a local church. Definitely lots of 'treasures' .....and a few goodies in the lot. Two childrens books, one book for me called Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Home remedies and recipes, a covered floral bowl, a pair of shadow box picture frames with needlepoint pictures of poppies, a set of plastic storage containers, a viewmaster and reels for the boys, baked goodies and a large area rug, all for $20. On our return home DH headed off to a meeting and I enjoyed sitting on the patio with a stitching project. Pure bliss.
We're headed for a long weekend with Victoria Day on Monday. The weather forecast indicates dry and somewhat sunny, fingers crossed. Everything is ready for a BBQ, even the marshmallows so here's hoping its warm enough to enjoy being outdoors.
I've added a couple of photos of the boys. Also a new picture of Bunny, who still feels our patio is his/hers.
till next time...

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too_busy_to_stitch said...

I love the ornie thank you Debbie! I really enjoyed doing the one for you, and am glad you like it :)