Friday, March 26, 2010

unexpected changes, wip update

My LNS has been in business for 35 years so it was a complete shock today to find out that it will be closing it's door come April 30th. The Loving Stitch in Surrey has always been my shopping store for fabric, especially the precuts, as well as charts, floss and kits. Online shopping has a place, in fact is probably part of the reason for changes locally but it doesn't replace going into a stitching shop and enjoying the bliss.

As you can see I managed some stash enhancement.

My current wip is coming along quite nicely. I'm still getting used to the stand arrangement.

There are some new photos added below.

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EvalinaMaria said...

That's so sad, I'm sure you will miss your LNS. Do they are moving to new location or closing for good?